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Frequently Asked Questions - VG-Lyte Vaginal Whitening Cream

Frequently Asked Questions - VG-Lyte Vaginal Whitening Cream
1) Does Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream) really removes blackness from private parts?
- Yes, it does. One has to be patient and consistent and also take care of your diet.
2) How does Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream)removes blackness from intimate areas?
- Essential oils in VG- LYTEcream penetrates deep in the skin around vaginal area and reaches the cells producing melanin to lighten the sensitive dark skin.
3) Can Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream) be used while taking other medication?
- Yes, vaginal lightening cream can be used, it has to be applied on skin and is chemical free.
4) How long does it take for Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream) to work?
- You will get visible results within 4 to 6 weeks. Use atleast 3 to 4 months forpermanent results
5) What happens if you forget to use Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream) for a day or two?
- Try to use thevagina whitening creamas advised without any gap for good and fast visible results.
6) Does the vagina get smaller or bigger with Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream) ?
- No, theVG-LYTE cream only helps to lighten the darker skin of the private areas.
7) Does Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream) make you smell?
- No, it doesn’t. It has apleasant mild fragrance.
8) Is Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream) cream natural?
- It’s 100% natural, herbal, organic and ayurvedic.
9) Does Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream) has any side effects?
- Vaginal lightening creamhas no side effect as it’s made of nature’s best essential oils and no chemical is added. It’s approved from AYUSH and is GMP, HACCP certified.
10) How to lighten your private parts fast ?
- Use the Razorveda VG-Lyte (Vaginal Lightening Cream)twice a day. Clean the area of application and make it little wet. Take reasonable quantity of VG-Lyte Cream on your fingers.Apply the cream evenly on the dark intimate skin.Massage gently with soft hands till the cream is absorbed completely.
11) What are the benefits of Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream)?
- VG-Lyte Cream lightens dark skin tone around vaginal area, removes dark spots, decreases intimacy inhibition and boosts self confidence.
12) What are the ingredients of Razorveda VG-LYTE(Vagina Whitening Cream)?
- VG-Lyte's unique formulation is made of a combination of naturally occurring ingredients and plant based extracts which include bakuchiol, bearberry extract, liquorice extract, niacinamide (vitamin B), arbutin extract and mulberry extract.

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